Cozy bed by Pet Pizzaz!!

Oh my gosh, I know I shouldn’t brag but these super cushy Pet Pizzaz Luxury dog beds I make are so cozy! I wish I could easily make them larger but it is HARD! LOL I used to only make them on custom but decided to make some and keep in stock and sell them in my Etsy store only. My Baby Bond loves to model all beds but he is so happy I am making these now so he can keep the ones he model in….I only recommend  them up to 8lbs, he is 9lbs and fits well and really wish I could make them larger. See the pic I am adding here, don’ tyou think it looks cozy! It is fun to see how much they love the beds…

I have 2 grandpups coming to live with me this summer, will be using them as models to get more variety, though one of them is a red MinPin just like my3! LOL At least I will have my Chihuahua grandpup Izzy to help me :)


My Pet Pizzaz story

For a few years now, I have working on building my small business Pet Pizzaz. There has been ups and downs, and throughout it all I have learned a lot. While it is hard to keep going at times, I continue as every day I see my own little dogs, loving and burrowing into the cozy beds I make.

For example, when I sew, creating the beds, I have 3 beds in my “work” room, with 3 MinPin’s sleeping in their little CuddleBud Beds. When I sit at my computer, adding listings to my Etsy store, my website, working social media and SEO, they are next to me, on our guest bed, each laying in a CuddleBud Bed. So adorable….I love them!

One thing I would like my clients to know, and potential clients, is that I work a lot with rescues. They help me sell some of my beds, and I make donations to them for the sales. I also donate my CuddleBud Burrow Beds to thei events and auctions. It is one way for me to say thank you for all the hard work they do. National Mill Dog Rescue, Barks of Love animal rescue and Bald is Beautiful is a few I work with on a regular basis.

They all do awesome work (as many others out there too!) so make sure to check them out and support them.

That is my ranting for today :) Off I go as I need to make a few more beds still today.

Find my Cozy cave beds here Pet Pizzaz

Pictured here in one of my burrow beds is “Ruby”. She was a foster with Bald is Beautiful Rescue, loved my beds so much (her foster mommy has a couple) so I sent a bed so that she could have her own to take with her when she was adopted. This picture turned out beautiful, I love her eyes, she is a perfect model, don’t you agree?!


GIVEAWAY!! Win a CuddleBud Bed!

Another giveaway, win a Pet Pizzaz CuddleBud Bed on my Facebook page !

My beds are super cozy and  high quality, every burrowing furbaby should have one! :)

Fundraiser for Barks of Love Animal Rescue

Pet Pizzaz is doing a fundraiser for the wonderful rescue Barks of Love

They are located in Orange County California. 15% off your purchase through November 23rd-2014 will be donated to this rescue. Shop now and keep your furbabies warm & cozy this winter in a CuddleBud Bed!

Click here to shop  :D


National Mill Dog Rescue

Hi there everyone!

My small (very small, one woman LOL!) business is donating 15% from all sales through November 8th/2014!

All purchases you make from me during that time will benefit this great rescue organization!

So keep your little furbabies warm and cozy this winter with a hand made with LOVE CuddleBed from Pet Pizzaz, and let it benefit  National Mill Dog Rescue at the same time! Thank you!


Rescue Fundraising!

Today through Nov 1st, Pet Pizzaz will be donating 15% of product sales to the wonderful GROWL Rescue! Please help out and support them by doing your Christmas shopping early. We have wonderful hand made Burrow Beds and some beautiful collars to offer as well. See the website, and do some charity shopping this season (I know it is early! lol)

Thank you!


Dog Bed Giveaway!


Just wanted to let you all know I am currently doing a free to enter giveaway for a CuddleBud Bed on Facebook.

You can find the post on my Pet Pizzaz Facebook page



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