Dog Bed Giveaway!


Just wanted to let you all know I am currently doing a free to enter giveaway for a CuddleBud Bed on Facebook.

You can find the post on my Pet Pizzaz Facebook page




I have added a Coupon for use in my ETSY store, lasts through Friday 8/15/14.

Use COUPON CODE AUG15OFF, for an instant 15% off your purchase!! :D

Shop here!!






So while I like to sleep in the mornings too (not a morning person!) my MinPin’s are a lot WORSE!! LOL  

Here is little rescue Goofy, after I get up, he has absolutely NO intention of getting out of bed….anyone else have furbabies like this?! I have 2 more that were hiding in the bed as well. Dog life can be pretty good I suppose :)  Mommy has to get up and work! :p


Free CuddleBud Bed GIVEAWAY!

Today is the last day to enter the FREE Pet Pizzaz  CuddleBud Bed giveaway on my Pet Pizzaz Facebook page. I will be announcing a winner Monday morning August 11th.

Check out the Facebook page on how to enter (easy). 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. xoxo! :)


Mr Biggles!

Look at this cute Mr Biggles in his Pet Pizzaz CuddleBud Bed! He is a Sphynx cat, one  of my clients shared some photos with me. 

I think these Sphynx cats are so cool, very different looking! :)


Winter time

While I do live in Minnesota, I have to admit this winter has probably been the worst,coldest and longest I can remember. I love Minnesota for all kinds of reasons, climate is not one of them. Really will have to get serious about getting to an milder area.

My 3 MinPin’s would totally agree with me too! However, today I want to share my friends tough little Miniature Pinscher in Norway! Look at the photos, and feel free to comment :) Remember these are little dogs, mostly Yatzy (pictured)  is the one enjoying the snow, weigh about 8 lbs or so. I am sure they snuggle up in their Pet Pizzaz CuddleBud Beds to when they get back inside! LOL

My dogs barely go outside…they hold it as long as they possibly can, and no way they go outside unless the snow is REMOVED for them, not like Yatzy who looks like a little plower herself!


Such brave little dogs, don’t  you agree?

Well it is March, so I am crossing my fingers spring is around the corner…. :)

Pet Pizzaz CuddleBud Bed arrival!

These pups just received their new Pet Pizzaz CuddleBud Bed, and she recorded this. So cute how they are burrowing!!


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